Thunder Plains

Developer Conference

November 3rd 2015Oklahoma City

Call For Proposals Open

Developer Conference

Thunder Plainsis a web and mobile developer conference organized by theOklahoma City Javascript User Group. The conference focuses on JavaScript and related technologies in a wide variety of different use cases and platforms that make the web all the more interesting.

  • JavascriptJavascript
  • APIsAPIs
  • MobileMobile

Code of Conduct

Before attending the conference,please review the Thunder Plains Code of Conduct. The CoC applies to all attendees, speakers, volunteers, and vendors at official and unofficial events by Thunder Plains and any location where attendees may be congregating.Contact us if you have questions about the COC.

Our conference is a safe learning environment for everyone. The safety and well-being of attendees and others is our utmost concern, so please speak up and speak out. We're here for you.

Where it’s at

Located at theCox Convention Center in downtown Oklahoma City
within walking distance of great hotels and restaurants.